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What If

The “What If” project was from my final thesis project at OCAD University. The "What If" stemmed from my own anxieties about the future. “What If” is about the negative self-talk we sometimes have when we doubt ourselves.  The “What If” Poetry Book is about each individual’s experience with anxiety. I interviewed 9 different people and asked each of them to share a story about a time in their lives where they felt anxious in any way. After each interviewee shared their own experience, I then asked them to write their own “what if” statement followed by a drawing of what anxiety looks like to them.  Each poem was written by myself & was based on each individual’s experience; as well as the answers I received during their interviews. The “What If” project is composed of the “What If Poetry Book” as well as the “What If Interview Book.” 

What If Poetry Book Digital Flip-Through

What If Interviews Book Digital Flip-Through

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