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Design Thinkers Conference

The Design Thinkers conference is where graphic designers and creative artists come to hear about other designer's creative process, inspiration and some things they've learned throughout their career.  After gathering research about the Design Thinkers event, I have found that the factors in which people go are based on who will be speaking and the information you gather from the various speakers.  While coming up with a concept to showcase these factors, I've related the conference to the way bees work together and what they can achieve when they do so.

Since the focus of the event is based on the process of coming together as a collective and sharing our ideas, I thought bees would be the best way to represent that.  The overall concept is about how we as designers are similar to bees. We collect our thoughts, opinions and ideas as a form of nectar to bring to the hive. The hive in this case would be the Design Thinkers Conference where we can share our “nectar” with other designers in order for them to learn and grow as individuals. After attending the Design Thinkers Conference we would then be able to use the information we’ve gathered to create our own honey. The message is that if we work together to share our knowledge, we will always get something good out of it.


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